A little bit about me, and the site.  My name is Joe Pritchard and I’ve been interested in science and technology my whole life.

As a child I was lucky to have parents and aunts and uncles who tolerated having a budding scientist in the nest, and who allowed me to turn garden sheds and spare bedrooms in to workshops and make-shift laboratories.

Despite this, my career track took me away from science; I have spent my whole working life in software engineering, and kept a lay interest in science.  I’m particularly keen on practical science – things to do, build, explore – that reveal something about the world around us.  

My interest in ‘practical science’ really took hold in about 1973 when I signed myself up for a course at school called ‘Scientific Modelling.  Basically, we did a load of really cool, extra-curricular, experiments – things like developing our own photographs, which we’d taken with our home made pinhole cameras – stuff like that.  If I read about anything, I was always keen to see how much I could demonstrate to myself in my home lab.  Richard Feynman said “What I cannot create, I do not understand.” and I agree with him whole-heartedly!